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Jeroen Holthuijsen's PERSONAL Homepage

Reflections of the future
Stay with us come what may
And the hope for a new tomorrow
Is always here today

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The best this site has to offer: Poems and Dreams

I'm still working on this page... NEW UPDATES COMING SOON (AUGUST 1999)!!

In Loving Memory of JOHN DENVER... see below.
This site is part of the FOJD WebRing


With this page I intend to create a place for all you dreamers out there, who still believe in themselves, humanity and a Golden Future. Over the past two years my visions on life and how to live your life have undergone some notable changes. Some of that came from personal experience. But what also has had an enormous impact on my life is my poetry. Most of my poems are really messages, inspired by... who knows? I'd like to share some of my views with you.
In order to do that, I've started working on a poetry page. When finished, this will hold some of my poems and views. If you like, you can also directly go to a poem I've recently written.

Who am I?

I'm 23 years of age (b. 07/26/1976) and I'm a lawstudent at the UM: the University of Maastricht, which is located in - get ready for a big surprise - Maastricht in the Netherlands. I love the outdoors, writing poetry and music. I obviously love John Denver, but I also enjoy the wonderful music of Secret Garden.
I myself play the piano and I recently bought myself a guitar. I'm also interested in spirituality.
There is alot more to tell about myself, my feelings and my beliefs. A large part of that can be found on my Poetry Page, and if you'd like to know more, you can always write to me.
If at any time you want to mail me, you're welcome to do that.

A couple of years ago I met Amelia while chatting on mIrc. She has a very valuable gift in writing. I paricularly love "Escaping Chaos Through Peace". You won't regret a visit to the SunnySide (Amelia's Homepage).

Another site containing some interesting thoughts which I happened to come across contains writings by Spirit Wings

I would also like to recommend visiting a very inspirational site called Spirits of the Heart.

John Denver

He came looking for the answers
To some questions on his mind
Seeking truth and understanding
In the hope that he would find
A way to better serve his brothers
And his sisters in the sun
Sharing all that he was given
Giving all to everyone

- from: "It Amazes Me", JD

In loving memory of JOHN DENVER

Dear friends,

To me, John Denver has been one of the most important persons in my life. I think only my parents have had more influence than he on my views and the person I am today.
Like all of his other fans, I was devastated by the news... In God's name... why?? For me this is the first time I have to deal with losing someone I love (I'm 21). Perhaps the first time is the hardest, but frankly I don't think saying a final goodbye will ever become easier.
John Denver has shaped my visions on life, and was a great inspiration to me. I enjoy writing poetry, and my poems somehow ressemble John's lyrics to some extent. This past Saturday I wrote a poem called "Heal My Wounds". Shortly after finishing it, I heard about the new tragedy that had struck the world. As a tribute to John, I would like to share my poem with all of you who come here, all other fans... the people whom I consider my family. It will probably take a lot of time before I'll be able to write poetry again.
John, you ARE with me in singing skies and dancing waters. When I was walking to university yesterday, deeply depressed, for some reason I looked up at some point in time... and I looked straight into the eyes of a little girl who smiled at me. "Laughing children growing old". Indeed John, you'll always be with me in heart and spirit.

Jeroen Holthuijsen, October 14th 1997.
Click here to read the poem.


I can't believe how many people have been to my site since that tragic October 12th. About 800... And from many visitors I've learned that my words are really helping in some way. Reading all of your wonderful reactions to my page has helped me a lot in dealing with my own feelings about all that has happened.
I want to thank all of you very much. Here are some parts I selected from the many messages I got:

"What you have seen in John Denver is the reality of his life, seen clearly in your thoughts. (...) You have done John's memory a kindness with your page".

"I am glad there are people like you who show their compassion to those they do not personally know. Your love spreads to others..."

"It is true that we all have the love and answers we need inside of us. Releasing it is the challenge! It's great to read someone your age write such lovely thoughts!"

"The sentiments you expressed are what carries me through this dark time. (...) We need to continue our connectedness and work for the world John showed us."

"Sometimes its hard to imagine others are feeling the same way as you, but seeing is believing, through all the memorials about John, his message that we all feel the same is shining through. Thanks for helping me share this loss."

"I came in search of aid in healing. (...) Yours was the first John Denver related site I found myself drawn to. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of CO, and his songs held such an inspiration throughout my life. I shared his deep appreciation and respect for nature, life and love. I've felt a deep sadness and emptiness since word of this terrible tragedy. Viewing your beautiful site has helped greatly, and you are fortunate to have this venue to extend to others like us, sharing our sorrow. Thank you."

Also I have added two new (actually they're a few years old) poems to my poetry page, which reflect some of John's beliefs.

Peace to all of you!

October 24th 1997

John Denver has been and still is one of the greatest influences in my life. Wherever I go, whatever I do, he's always present somewhere "in the background". Just like on this homepage. And it's not so much the man himself, as his visions, the messages he's trying to convey through his songs and other writings.
If you're interested in purchasing some of his CD's, even rare ones, you just might find what you're looking for at

If you're living in the United States and you're wondering when you'll be able to see John on tv again, just follow this link.

John Denver

And there's more Denver-stuff on the Net!!
But why not visit my favorite Denver-site first? John Denver - A voice of no regrets.

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