Poem for Life (Let us be lights)

The sun is on the rise for a human soul
On golden wings he descends from above
To try and find his way home again
Cherishing his connection with the Universal Love

The new born baby opens up his eyes
Filled with wonder and wanting to know
All about this Earth on which we live
And the potential for him and others to grow

With the passing of the days his heart grows stronger
As do his voice and his own free will
But his eyes go blind and he loses sight
Of the reason for his being here, until
One day he realizes how he's strayed from his Path
His own free will has been subject to his blindness
He opens up his heart, embraces the Light
And decides to live his life in kindness

Let us be lights and guides to Heaven
Let us come through for every soul in need
Let us nurture with our Love the golden blossom
Which in so many hearts is still but a seed

Rejoicing in every ray of sunshine
Loving our life, but bearing in mind
That every event is a step towards the light
And a part of ourselves that we must find

Copyright 1996 by Jeroen Holthuijsen

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