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Mother of my heart, lead me back to the place
Where feelings are pure, and voices still strong
Let the ongoing beat
Be a guide to my feet
And take me to the tears which I've longed for, so long

Mother of my soul, lead me back to the way
I felt before the sun first touched upon my eyes
When all was clear
Yet I didn't know fear
Now take me to the mountains, over the path of the Wise

Mother of the spirit, lead me back to the source
Where humanity comes pouring into the light of day
A dream is won
When the night has gone
So take me to the flames that will chase it away

Mother Nature, lead me back into your arms
Show me who I am in a clear mountain stream
From all the trees
Comes a song of peace
Please take me to your heart, where I can dream

Copyright 1996 by Jeroen Holthuijsen.
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