Reflections of the Future

Reflections of the future
Shining from afar
With never silent voices
Sing of who we are

Sometimes we tend to lose ourselves
In anger, grief or fear
Drowning in the darkness and
Forgetting why we're here

In our dreams we know infinity
And the prayers of all mankind
The Truth that's written in the skies
Of a paradise for us to find

Reflections of the future
Every day more clearly, it seems
Are showing us how to change the world
Into the paradise of our dreams

Let's begin our quest for answers
And call all cries to still
We're yearning to find out who we are
And eventually we will

War and killing will belong to the past
When the dawn breaks on that glorious day
We'll see a part of ourselves in eachother
And liberty will be here to stay

We are reflections of a future
Sleeping within our heart and soul
And one day humanity will come true
Bringing back the harmony that sings through the Whole

Copyright 1996 by Jeroen Holthuijsen.

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